In Mainland China, Android Outnumbers iPhone

It’s an Android surprise in Mainland China, at least that’s what the numbers of the April Admob claim.

Reports confirm that as reflected by the numbers of Admob’s April data, in China Android phones have surpassed the iPhones in numbers.

As per the latest smartphone analytics numbers churned out by Google’s subsidiary, Admob, Android is the hot favorite for the Chinese.

The China numbers reflect that iPhones at 725,358 and Android phones at 882,384. This gives Android a 20% advantage.

Despite witnessing a good growth, it is extremely surprising that Google has left the country over censorship and hacking issues. On the other hand, Apple has also witnessed a phenomenal growth in China.

The data calculated by Admobis data based on devices that hit advertising on its 35,000 apps and additional websites.

Comparing the selling scenario of both iPhones and Android, iPhone officially entered Mainland last year while Android devices are relatively new at just 18 months.

According to the industry experts, Android has made its presence felt in most of the countries globally.

In countries like the United States, China, UK, France and Germany, Android has been popular in unique devices.

As per the reports, the top three Android devices in China were all from HTC namely, the HTC Hero, HTC Magic and HTC Dream.

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