Huawei S7

We got a look at Huawei’s 7-inch Android tablet at Computex that passed recently, but we were still unsure on its specifics. For starters, pricing and availability are still unknown and we haven’t gotten many details about what’s motivating this supposed champ under the hood.


According to Smarthouse – an Australian technology outlet – we should learn these details and more on June 24th when Huawei will be holding a press event for the tablet in Australia. One new detail is that it’s sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to keep the lights on and that it will come with 3G connectivity and “telephony functions.” (You thought the Dell Streak was a ridiculous size for a phone?)

I’m guessing those “functions” could be VoIP-based, but anything could be announced. We’ve set our calendar so as not to forget to revisit this story when the time comes.

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