HP To Sell Tablet Bundled With Printer in Sept

Digitimes Research senior analyst Luke Lin is reporting that HP will be selling a printer and a tablet bundle starting September this year.

The tablet in the bundle should feature a 7″ touch screen panel at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, be powered by an ARM based processor from Freescale, have 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of NAND flash for storage.

The whole project is apparently being handled by HP’s printer department, and was planned and initiated before HP acquired Palm, thus the Tablet should be running on the  Android OS, Lin explained.

This definitely looks to be the HP eStation Zeen that we reported about earlier. This definitely answers a lot my questions and ties up some loose ends as well.

Why is HP looking at making so many different Tablet devices – PalmPadZeenSlate 500? Well, they are targetted towards different user segments.

Why is HP using Android for the Zeen when they already have acquired Palm and theirWebOS, and also building the PalmPad that will be based on WebOS? Well, they started the Zeen project with Android much before they acquired Palm and they are close to a launch now. makes no sense switching the OS at the last minute and delay the launch. Also, this the Zeen is being handled by HP’s printer department, thus the focus on bundling it with a printer.

The device had been submitted to FCC, but there has been no release date mentioned. Now we know that the Zeen tablet will be released by Sept this year. We already had shared that the price will be $399 with the bundled printer.

The Tablet PC along with the bundles printer will be outsourced to Winstron, a Taiwan based manufacturer, and Lin also believes that HP is not looking at volumes from the product, bu rather looking at it to test the tablet PC market and identify the market reaction.

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