How to root the OnePlus 2 (official guide)

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Have you been playing around with your OnePlus 2 and feel like it’s time to take that next step? Rooting is the ultimate way to unlock your Android phone’s full capabilities. The only issue is that it comes with its risks and the internet happens to be a wild place, but OnePlus is stepping forward with a very bold move.

One would usually need to browse around forums and sites to find tutorials. And though some manufacturers have become more tinkering-friendly, OnePlus is going all out and releasing a video tutorial on how to root your smartphone. It’s also worth mentioning that this method works for any OnePlus handset, so no customer is left behind here.

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Interested? The video lasts a bit over 8 minutes and many parts are sped up, so be sure you clear a good chunk off your agenda┬áto go through the whole process without interruptions. You will also need some software, which is being provided by OnePlus, as well. Isn’t this a refreshing way to go about this?

What to download:

You should still be careful, though. Rooting and tinkering with your phone can harm your device and/or void your warranty. Make sure to follow every step to the tee, and do your research on everything. You don’t want to be caught off guard when it comes to these types things.

While we are on the topic, why don’t you also hit the comments section and tell us how you feel about manufacturers doing this? Do you think others should follow suit and just give us official tutorials for rooting smartphones and tablets?

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