HiVision Android Tablet – $100?

HiVision was at CeBIT 2010 displaying their brand new 7″ tablet which is powered by the Android operating system, and best of all is the fact that it won’t cost more than $100. At least, that’s what the manufacturer promised, although there is no exact word on pricing or a release date just yet. We do know for sure that this HiVision offering will sport a Samsung 6410 800MHz processor, 2GB of internal memory, 256MB RAM, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3G and Bluetooth support, GPS and a battery runtime of up to half a dozen hours. This looks set to be a hobbyist’s device that one can tinker around with, and looks to be packaged in the same case as a previous product of theirs, which has a slower cpu and WinCE.

Manufacturer: HiVision
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