Help animals get revenge in Crashing Season, out now on Android

Crashing Season Android

Hunting games have been around for a long time. Some people think it’s fun to venture off into the virtual wilderness and hunt down animals, but what if the roles were reversed? You can now help animals seek revenge in Crashing Season from Koukoi Games.

So, what’s it all about? Crashing Season is a closed-area runner game that puts you in control of an animal that’s being hunted. It’s your job to run around and knock over any enemy that stands in your way. There are a good amount of characters to choose from, too. You can play as a bear, moose, fox, ram, beaver and many more.

To proceed through the game, you’ll need to collect coins, diamonds and complete challenges all while knocking down as many enemies as you can. You’ll also be able to team up with other animals in certain levels to take on bosses. Check out the trailer below to see the animals in action:

Crashing Season is free to download and play. There are a few optional in-app purchases available as well, but they won’t get in your way of achieving world domination. Interested? Head to the Play Store link below to give it a shot.

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