Hearthstone’s Mean Streets of Gagdetzan update goes live


Hearthstone’s latest update, Mean Streets of Gagdetzan, has been released. The new expansion introduces more than 130 new cards which play on a 1920’s mob theme.

The fictional city of Gadgetzan is home to a turf war between three rival factions, the Grimy Goons, the Kabal and the Jade Lotus, and each card in the set is affiliated with one of those three gangs. You can expect to see characters holding Tommy-guns and wearing fedoras, with card names like “Sleep with the Fishes” and “Dopplegangster.”

Blizzard has also introduced tri-card classes which are neutral minions only available to members of their crime family. Watch the cinematic trailer for it below.

The new cards are available now and can be purchased in booster packs the same as always. To check out the full card list, visit the Facebook album here.

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