Hands-on with the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus at IFA 2016

Lenovo has made a name for itself in the tablet market with some innovative designs that stray from the basic “rectangle with rounded corners” recipe. The new Yoga Book, with its capacitive keyboard, is a great example, but in this post we’ll be looking at another Lenovo tablet with a distinctive design, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus.

Lenovo’s Yoga Tabs are tablets that stand on their own, literally. The Tab 3 Plus is no exception – like the Tab 3 Pro from 2015, this 10-inch tablet features a distinctive, asymmetrical design that incorporates a kickstand, allowing you to place it upright, for easy hands-free use.

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The Tab 3 Plus is built of metal, hard plastic, and leather. It’s relatively heavy, at 644 grams, but the leathery material makes it easy to hold in the hand. And, when you get tired of holding it, it’s easy to just pop the kickstand open by pushing the button in the middle. From there, you can place the Tab 3 Plus on any flat surface or you can even hang it on the wall like you would with a picture.

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The stand lets you view the Tab 3 Plus from just about any angle, which makes it easy to enjoy the 10-inch Quad HD display. This is a device made for watching videos and its “spine” really helps with that, also because it incorporates some very loud and clear JBL-branded speakers.

One feature that was present on the Tab 3 Pro but has been removed from the Tab 3 Plus is the integrated projector, that allowed you to beam images and videos onto any surface. It’s not clear whether this cool, if gimmicky feature will return on future devices in the Yoga Tab family or if it’s gone for good.

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The Tab 3 Plus features a Snapdragon 652 processor, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of built-in storage, that can be supplemented via microSD. As you can see in the video, performance leaves to be desired, though that might be because this demo unit wasn’t set up properly.

The 9,300 mAh battery should be good for up to 18 hours of mixed usage, according to Lenovo, which is quite impressive for a tablet with a 2K display.

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Fans of stock Android will be happy to see that the Yoga Tab 3 Plus features a very clean user interface, without any of the heavy UI modifications that Lenovo loads on some of its smartphones. This tablet runs Marshmallow, but the chances of it ever getting Nougat are unfortunately quite slim. Also, there’s a bunch of apps that you’ll likely consider bloatware, though some of them might be removable.

The Tab 3 Plus will be priced at $299, which is not a bad proposition for the features this tablet has to offer.

Stick around for more coverage of tablets and much more, straight out of IFA Berlin 2016!

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