HandPad S006

A few of the recent telechips orders that we’ve sent out recently have actually been sent a newer model of a tablet based on the telechips chipset, called the S006. Basically identical to the Haipad M701 in terms of processing power, it actually comes with an aluminum shell and an iPad-like charger cable (30 pin). It scores slightly higher than an HTC Magic when benchmarked with Quadrant, and can handle most anything you can throw at it, with minimal lag. It does ship with Eclair (2.1) and a 3200mah battery, and includes 256mb of memory, the same as the M701.  Some buttons have been relocated to the face, as shown in the pictures. Initial reactions have been positive, so we may continue shipping this product. Thanks to Wornick for his initial impressions and pictures – this tablet is so new I don’t even have one! More pictures after the break.

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  • mali

    wow! good, Excellent!

  • Wornick

    That’s the same way I feel about it 🙂