Guest jumps on Broadway’s ‘Hand to God’ play stage to… charge his phone?


I am a self-proclaimed  power outlet ninja! I can be at any establishment and spot a source of precious battery juice all the way across the room, hidden between adornments and furniture. You can say I am a bit desperate for smartphone power. I really am – there’s no shame in denying it. But just when you think you are the nuttiest tech geek in search of juice… a guy freaking jumps on stage and tries to charge his phone in an outlet from a fake stage wall!

Wait – did we dream it? No, the guy literally went up there and plugged his phone into the outlet on stage… which turns out to be fake. At that point I don’t know what to think! Who is crazier – the guy who jumped on stage to charge his phone, or the guy who designs these stages and went as far as adding power outlets in the fake walls? Maybe I am the one going insane here.


Anyways. Security quickly rushed to stage of the Broadway play ‘Hand to God’ and escorted this guy to the bar after his phone was retrieved. His phone was returned to him later, after which he nonchalantly asked: “Well, where can I charge it?”.  What the hell?!

Quick word of advice for this guy. Have you ever heard of a portable battery pack? We have a great article highlighting the best ones!

All joking aside, this shows much more than irresponsibility from a theater audience member. I mean, don’t ever go to this extent; you can probably survive without a phone for a couple hours. It may hurt, but you can! We would also like to take the chance to express our frustration with battery technology. Why are we so limited with so many advancements well underway?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 (one of the best phones of the year) can’t usually get you through half a day of good usage. The HTC One M9 is better, but not out of the ordinary. Thank the Android gods for devices like the Motorola Droid Turbo, LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4! I don’t know what we would do without them. We need a battery revolution, and we need it now. Also, please make it about more than just making batteries bigger (which helps too!).

You can enjoy a video of this nut job doing his deed! Don’t forget to head to the comments afterwards and tell us how far have you gone to charge your phone. One time I went into a hospital room and sat next to a sleeping lady while I charged my phone for like 10 minutes (totally being serious here). No one noticed I was a stranger!

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