Google Play Music version 7.4 adds “recents” option, song count now stands at 40 million

In the latest Google Play Music update, Google has added a “recents” option to the menu where you’ll find all your last played songs. The feature isn’t new as far as music apps are concerned but it is the first time it has appeared in Google’s music streaming service. What’s more, Google Play Music now boasts 40 million songs, up five million on the previous count.

The update comes as part of the Google Play Music version 7.4 update, which should be rolling out in the Play Store soon, and also brings a handful of other small tweaks, such as a new animation when you press play.

It’s not a huge update but it’s Google’s small refinements that helped form our decision when deciding upon the best music streaming service back in December. And if you’re considering getting a Google Play Music subscription, now is a good time — the current offer is $9.99 per month with the first four months free.

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Google Play Music UI overhaul 

November 16, 2017: Google has rolled out a complete upgrade to the UI of its Google Play Music streaming service. The changes make it easier to search and discover new music, with clearer recommendations, but it has also improved the algorithms used to make suggestions. What’s more, Google has added offline streaming playlists which are loaded with your most recently played tracks.

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