Google Nexus 7 Google Now video tutorial released

It’s a new day which means Google has a new Nexus 7 short and to the point video tutorial for anyone interested in more details on how their newly purchased Jelly Bean tablet works.

We have already seen a variety of similar clips that show us how to perform the initial setup on the device, how to customize the home screen, how to use Google apps and Google Play and how to enjoy Google+ Hangouts on the device.

It’s now time to look at a more interesting Jelly Bean feature, the new Google Now search function that’s available on the device. The 60-second video embedded below shows users how Google Now works and why it can be a great app to use for your daily activities.

What the video doesn’t say is that you’ll have to trade off your privacy so Google can offer customized search results presented in such an attractive manner – at the end of the day, Google Now relies on search, but also on knowing a little about yourself and your habits, to provide all that info on those Google Now cards.

If you appreciate the technology behind Google Now, you won’t have to wait for your Jelly Bean update as the feature can be accessed on any Ice Cream Sandwich device out there, and we have already shown you how to do it.

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