Google Home now supports Bluetooth music streaming

Google is now rolling out an update for Bluetooth streaming support on the Google Home. This means you’ll be able to use your Google Home more like a typical Bluetooth speaker to stream audio from your Android or iOS smartphone.

The functionality is rolling out with firmware version 90387 (judging by screenshots from Android Police), and means you no longer need to have a Google Cast-enabled device to stream your favorite tunes.

This will come as welcome to news to Google Home owners as the device had been limited in this regard since its release last November, despite that it always housed the hardware to make it a perfectly serviceable Bluetooth speaker (and it’s audio quality is rather impressive). In our original Google Home review, we noted that these limitations were one of the main downsides of the product, so we’re pleased to see this get addressed.

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In other recent news, research suggests that the Google Home is six times more likely to answer a question than its competitor the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo has had Bluetooth audio streaming features for much longer, though.

As Amazon, Google and others battle to take control of your household with their proprietary connected speakers, you can expect these devices to improve pretty quickly. Amazon has just recently a model that includes a built-in display — the Amazon Echo Show. Perhaps Google will soon follow suit.

The Bluetooth streaming update will be rolling out to Google Home devices over the next few days; give your Home a restart if you want to try and scan for it now.

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