Google Home multi-user support is just around the corner

Although Google Home is a great device, it is missing a few features that would make it a lot more useful. One of these is multi-user support, which would allow it to create a more personalized experience for every individual in a household. This is one of the most requested and anticipated features, and is now apparently just around the corner.

Today, a new card has appeared under the Discover tab of the Google Home app that says “Multiple users now supported”.

Despite what the card says, multi-user support still isn’t live yet, which is kind of strange when you think of it. However, based on the fact that the card has appeared in the app, we expect that the new feature will be released any day now.

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5 days ago

As of now, there’s no word on exactly how the feature will work and how you’ll be able to set it up. The best case scenario is that Google Home will be able to recognize the voice of each user and then perform tasks that are associated with every individual’s account.

We should get more info regarding this soon, hopefully in the next few days, when Google just might officially announce the new feature.

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