Google CEO publishes essay on immigration and supporting minorities

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I believe we can all agree the USA has seen better days. Our daily cup of tea now includes discrimination all over the media, as well as an aspiring president who wants to build walls and mass deport certain groups of people. Some hate it, some may love it, but one thing is for sure – none of us should be indifferent.

Donald Trump sure has its supporters, but he seems to have no luck being friends with the tech giants. Many of them are standing up for what they believe to be right, and now Google CEO Sundar Pichai has shared his 2 cents in an essay published in Medium.

Head of Android Sundar Pichai will take stage during the keynote

In his inspiring essay, Pichai opens with his own experience coming from India. He goes on to mention that tolerance and diversity are important parts of both the company he runs and the country, which he now feels very much part of. He stands strong against this “intolerant discourse”

“Let’s not let fear defeat our values. We must support Muslim and other minority communities in the US and around the world.” -Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google

Of course, this is a very touchy subject, but Pichai believes it is important to speak out about these matters, even if you are not under attack. Sundar joins other big tech CEOs in this fight, including important executives from Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm and many others. But where do you stand? Hit the comments and let us know whether you agree with Google’s CEO or not.

Read Sundar Pichai’s essay here

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