Google Allo version 11 hints at future Duo integration

Google Allo and Duo are already two closely related products, but a recent app teardown suggests they’re about to get even closer. According to a report from 9to5Google, Allo may be gearing up for Google Duo call integration.

The information is based on stems from Google Allo version 11. Apparently, the code suggests that you may be able to make Duo voice and video calls from within Allo with the introduction of dedicated buttons. While you could be able to launch the call, 9to5Google speculates that these buttons may simply open the Duo app, however.

Additionally, if one of the people in the conversation doesn’t have Duo installed, it appears that Google will send a link to the app in the Play Store where they can pick it up.

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February 14, 2017

Other strands indicate that Allo is prepping access to Google Assistant settings from within the app — though what that means for the app we don’t know. QR codes for groups, which users can quickly scan to jump into a group conversation, have also been added in the latest update, but we don’t know when the other features may appear (if they ever do).

We are still waiting for Google to officially launch its Allo desktop version, and it’s possible that could happen in a few days as part of Google I/O 2017. What do you think about these new Allo additions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Previous updates

Incognito mode, chat backup and more

May 3, 2017: Google’s Amit Fulay has revealed some new features coming to Google Allo via Twitter. Fulay showed off an image of what the incognito mode for group chats looks like and, as with the standard incognito mode, the group version allows the user to set the time for when the chats will expire.

Chats can also now be backed up in Allo with the latest version, either on the smartphone’s local storage or via Google Drive. Users can backup and restore texts, as well as any image or video that was used in chats. Additionally, the latest Allo update adds a link preview to any URLs that are put in chats, which will allow you to see what the link is all about before you decide to click on it.

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