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The prolific mobile game design company Glu Mobile has signed an agreement with everyone’s favorite vitriolic chef Gordon Ramsay. It looks like the production company plans on creating a game using Ramsay’s likeness and voice, and he may even have a hand in creative direction.

There’s no details regarding what sort of game this might look like just yet, but even in the absence of an official description, it seems reasonable to conclude that we should be expecting a game centered around the culinary arts. One can imagine an increasingly high-pressure management game, not unlike Papers Please, in which the player must balance more and more spinning plates (garnished with fine cuisine, I’m sure) in order to avoid the ire of the surly and sharp-tongued chef.

This game would be the next addition in Glu’s ongoing series of mobile games that pull in big-name celebrities for name recognition and fan appeal. Another example is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a business management game that let players design their own celebrity and make their way toward the red carpet under the tutelage of the alleged breaker of the internet.

The Ramsay themed game is currently under development, but Glu Mobile has pegged the game’s release for summer 2016. The world renowned chef is not yet engaged in the production, from what we can tell, but Glu promises to release more information regarding his involvement as the game comes together.

What do you think of a Gordon Ramsay themed game? Interesting to you, or a total snooze fest? What’s your opinion regarding this rising trend of celebrity-centric games? It does seem to be at least drawing a wider usership to the Android gaming world. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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