Getflix: Watch your favorite shows without a VPN

At AAPicks we’re always extolling the virtues of VPNs, but some people really don’t care about security or anonymity. They just want to be able to get round geo-restrictions so they can watch their favorite online services. If this sounds like you, then Getflix might be your ideal alternative to a VPN.

The thing about a VPN is, it’s either active or it’s not. If you’re streaming your favorite show on a VPN, you’re browsing on it as well. This might be nice and secretive, but if it’s a busy server then it’s your bandwidth which takes the hit. Why slow your browsing speed using a VPN when you could care less if people know what you’re doing?

The rest of your traffic is completely unharnessed.

Geflix is a new way. A compromise. They have 50 worldwide nodes through which you can stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, BBC, etc. so you can watch anywhere in the world. However, this is the only part of your bandwidth which is re-routed. The rest of your traffic is completely unharnessed, so you can enjoy whatever connection speed you would usually be rocking.

Incidentally, if you have Getflix and then decide you need a VPN for a bit of secure business, that’s an option too. As part of your subscription you can get a free SmartVPN account to encrypt all your traffic with a 256Bit SSL encryption.

Getflix usually has a subscription set-up, so to have it for years could end up costing you $100’s. However, for a very limited time you can get a lifetime subscription for just $35. There are very few VPN’s which could even come close to that sort of bargain.

Start streaming straight away. Grab this offer before it expires by hitting the button below.

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