Get 29 percent off the LG G6 if you join Verizon on the red side

All the buzz might surround the Galaxy S8 at the moment, but do not forget about the LG G6. LG’s 2017 flagship has proven to be able to go tit-for-tat with Samsung’s contemporary art piece, even with slightly older internals. That has not created the easiest of answers for which of the two you should purchase, though Verizon’s latest G6 promotion might have made it easier to side with LG’s camp.

For a limited time, folks can pick up the G6 on Big Red for $20 a month, a decrease from the original $28 a month lease price. Over 24 months, this amounts to a $480 payout for the G6, a substantial $192 discount from the regular $672 price tag. The price compares favorably to the Galaxy S8’s, which currently stands at $31.50 a month, or $756 overall.

Since this is a Verizon promotion, you will need to be a Verizon customer to take advantage of it. Furthermore, you can only get the discount if you purchase the G6 through an equipment installment plan (EIP) – you will need to pay the original price if you buy it outright. It might be worth it to clear those hurdles, however, seeing how much we like the G6. Its thin bezels, smooth performance, and glass/metal build help LG move on from the failed experiment that was the G5. We might have ever so slightly sided with the Galaxy S8 in a recent comparison, but there is plenty to like about the G6.

Verizon’s G6 promotion is currently live, though we do not know when it will expire. If, on the other hand, you live a magenta-colored life, purchasing an LG G6 through T-Mobile nets you a free LG G Pad X. Similar to Verizon’s promotion, the purchase must be made through an EIP to qualify for the free tablet.

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