Free-to-play card game “Duelyst” Android beta coming soon, says developer

Free-to-play card game Duelyst has been steadily growing since it was released on Steam last year. The title has already received plenty of praise and a move to mobile is now eagerly anticipated.

Thankfully, developer Counterplay Games has just revealed that it is now accepting applications for a private beta on iOS, with the Android beta expected to follow soon.

Like Hearthstone, Duelyst features two spellcasters who do battle using cards to summon monsters. Somewhat uncharacteristically for a collectable card game, however, the action here takes place on a grid.

The tactical depth and variation this grid offers is one aspect of Duelyst’s appeal, but it also has some incredible, incredible, pixel art character design and animations (and the GIF above is one of the least impressive examples of this).

If the Counterplay Games team manages to transfer all of the core features of the desktop version to Android, and make sure it all runs smoothly, there’s no reason this shouldn’t turn out to be one of the best Android releases of 2017.

You can check it out on Steam right now if you can’t wait for it to hit Android. It’s free.

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