Flamingo for Twitter (Beta) is a beautiful new app from the maker of Weather Timeline

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You may not be familiar with Android developer Sam Ruston, but you’ve probably heard of his popular weather app, Weather Timeline. During 2015’s Google I/O conference, Weather Timeline was showcased as one of the best apps with Material Design in the Play Store. Now the developer is back with a new project called Flamingo for Twitter.

Flamingo for Twitter is a simple, customizable, feature-packed Twitter app that, as you’d expect, comes with tons of Material Design enhancements. You can easily switch between multiple accounts and create a unique theme for each one of those accounts. There’s even a cool Hover Preview feature that lets you preview photos, GIFs and user profiles by long-pressing on an icon or image.

You can basically customize every aspect of this app. There are 12 preset themes to choose from, and you can change any one of the colors if you’d like. Oh, and there’s also a Night Mode that will turn on automatically at a set time every night, which will definitely help with nighttime reading.

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It’s important to note that Flamingo for Twitter is still in its early stages, hence the ‘beta’ tag. The developer notes that there will be missing features and bugs present, though I personally haven’t come across any in the time I’ve been using it. If you’re interested, Flamingo is available in the Play Store for 99 cents, so head to the link below for the download.

Get it from Google Play

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