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What is Fancred?

Fancred is a social network that is oriented toward sports fans. Along with that comes a host of features intended to help people enjoy sports more and find like-minded fans. It’s free to use in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how the app works. You sign up for an account like any other social network. From there you pretty much participate as though you were in any other social network except instead of posting pictures of food or selfies from the bathroom mirror, you post about sports things. The app contains 2700+ sports teams tags which covers a myriad of teams in a number of countries.

You can post images, check in at stadiums and other sporting events, post updates, and pretty much everything you can do in a normal social media setting. The major difference being that people here actually want to hear about that trade you made in your fantasy league. Fancred also employs a ranking system (1-100) that shows other people how much you engage in the app and with other people. It seems to work well enough.

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It’s like ESPN merged with Facebook.

  • Social network aimed solely at sports fans.
  • You can tag posts with one of 2700 sports teams tags. That also means there is support for most professional sports and in many countries.
  • Other content like the ranking system, check ins at sporting events, etc are all nice touches.
  • Material Design inspired UI looks good and is easy to navigate.
  • If you don’t like sports, reading this post was a giant waste of your time. Sorry.
  • Has the occasional bug here and there.
  • The user base is currently small. If you get into this, you’ll need to get your friends in on it too.

Overall, this is a great app for sports fans. Like any other new social media site, it’ll get more fun when there are more people involved but you can probably find some people to join up and enjoy the app with until then. It’s a solid app despite its flaws and it’s free.

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