Fallout Shelter update introduces crafting, customization, and junk


Although the fervor for Fallout 4 has died down significantly, updates for the triple-A game’s mobile partner Fallout Shelter are still going strong. Seen by many as a mere throwaway promo game for its bigger brother, Fallout Shelter continues to snag hours and hours of players’ time every week. The latest update brings quite a few new features to the table, including junk!

Yes, junk! Wonderful, delightful, worthless junk. Your Luck-heavy characters will scrounge up tons of junk while out on wasteland excursions, and you’ll also find junk occupying an additional slot in Lunchboxes. Why would you want junk, you may ask? Why, to craft things of course. Fallout Shelter now gives you the ability to jerry-rig high-end weapons and armor. To get access to the crafting mechanic, you’ll need to add two rooms to your already-packed subterranean lair: the weapon crafting room and the armor crafting room.

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In addition to this new feature, the update also comes with a Barbershop that will let you customize the style of any of your Dwellers. Further adding to this theme of customization is a new line of outfits cribbed straight from Fallout 4. There are new Fallout 4 weapons as well.

Finally, you’ll also be getting new breeds of cats and dogs. Since the pets were so well received, the dev team is also adding in parrots and a handful of new pet bonuses. All in all, it’s a pretty substantial update to a game that remains a strong fan favorite. Click the button below to get the latest version from the Google Play Store.

What are your thoughts regarding this update? Awesome new content, or have you already left this game behind? Let us know your take in the comments!

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