Enso Zenpad – $155 Base Price

This is quite the controversial tablet – Engadget did a review a little while back about it being vaporware, and the founder responded with a terse blog entry saying that Engadget was not a real blog, and that the allegations of taking payment and not shipping the product were just “defamation” and that their public image was ruined. Well it turns out that they were taking payment and only a handful of the devices had shipped, leaving most customers in the dark, and it meant most of what Engadget said was true.

He promised a review device within 15 days – this was on the 9th of April. I was on the fence about believing that claim, but now that it’s the 26th and I haven’t seen a post, it looks as though their projected shipping date (11.5 days at the time of this post) could just be another marketing ploy. The device looks interesting enough, with a 5″ screen backed by Android 1.6 (2.x was supposed to be released by now), and it has a mini 3G dongle that you can purchase as an addition. It is supposed to support all four bands of wireless, and ships with a Samsung 6410, 533/667MHz CPU.¬†However, no other news has been posted in the past 17 days. Good luck, purchasers!

Manufacturer: Enso

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