Engadget’s tablet buyer’s guide: spring 2012 edition

Engadget's tablet buyer's guide: spring 2012 edition

As spring reaches full blossom, it’s not just the flowers that are beginning to show — so are the new slates heavy hitters teased back at CES. So, what does that mean? It means it’s high-time that we cast a fresh glance over the tablet landscape, took in a deep breath of slate-infused air and exhaled a hearty Engadget tablet buyer’s guide. We’ve been running the smartphone equivalent for a little while now, so we thought it only fair to give the now-mature tablet category one of its own. We’re going to look at the main categories of fondleslabbery and carve out what we think are the finest offerings on the market right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something big, small, just good enough or so powerful that it could replace your laptop: we’ve collected our favorites and shepherded them safely into this one humble guide. Of course, if you want to cast your net a little wider, you can always check out our tablet review hub, but if you struggle with indecision, head on past the break to see what’s hot right now in Tablet Land.

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