Encipher Tablet Coming from Nigeria

Maybe some of the Nigerian spammers are looking at going legit. James Kendrick is pointing to pics and specs for the Encipher Tablet, which is coming from Nigerian company Encipher Limited. The pics are on the Facebook page, the specs have been popping up on the web.

Of course it is running Android and version 1.6 at that. (Doesn’t that news about this product, and other Slates listing Android 1.6 as the OS strike you as way behind the curve? Just asking.) The other specs look substandard to me as well, (800×400 resolution, WiFI is b/g-no n).

Maybe I’m being too picky here, but if you’re seriously going to get into the game, you’ve got to think about tomorrow and not this year when it comes to how you build the machine.

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