Dubai-based Axiom offers Google Nexus 7 for $350

Most folks in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia have gotten their units of Nexus 7 by now. Others, meanwhile, await Google’s announcement on when it’s planning to bring the Jelly Bean tablet to the rest of the world. If you happen to reside in the Middle East, you may want to make that short trip to Dubai to snatch one.

Axiom Telecom has announced that they have Google’s premier tablet in stock. The Nexus 7 is listed on its website for AED 1,299, which translates to about $350. Pricey? Yes. But that’s something that you’ll have to swallow for wanting to be the first on the block to sport the Nexus 7.

We’re not sure if the price above is for the 8GB or the 16GB model, because the listing doesn’t specifically mention the tablet’s model. Given that the carrier has to pay for import fees and taxes, we wouldn’t be too surprise to see if it’s indeed the price for the 8GB model. Axiom clearly knows there’s a big demand for the Nexus 7 to justify the steep price tag.

If you’re one of the lucky few who are now waiting for the Nexus 7 to arrive,  you may want to check some video tutorials that Google has posted on how to personalize your tablet’s home screen right here.

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