Dropbox now Available

The much anticipated Dropbox Android app is now available for download in the market. You can just scan the QR code to download it immediately.

A simple description for those that haven’t heard of Dropbox, is that it is a file syncing, sharing and backup service. For further details on the service and the Android app specifically you can hit up our own Matt Demers hands on review of the beta from just a few days ago. I believe this quote says it best; “I really don’t have any complaints about Dropbox; the app simply works, and does exactly what I need it to.”

One complaint that I know arose during the beta was that the app doesn’t actually allow for syncing; hopefully they will figure out a way to handle that in a future update.

If you like accessing your files on the go this is a great solution and considering its free there is no reason not to give it a shot.

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