Drippler 2.0 for Android launches with tablet support, new features

Drippler 20 for Android launches with tablet support, new features

It’s only been a few short months since popular Android discovery / recommendation app Drippler made the jump to iOS, and today it’s launching version 2.0 for Android. The update brings proper tablet support, a new magazine-like layout and a slew of new features — including categories, favorites and search. As a refresher, Drippler offers the latest tips, updates, apps and accessories recommendations for your particular device and lets you personalize the discovery of related content. The app’s already provided over 200 million “drips” to help users enhance their smartphone experience. We spent some time using version 2.0 and came away rather pleased — it’s definitely an improvement over the original. Take a look at our screenshot gallery below and check the full PR after the break.

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