Deal: LG Tone Platinum on sale for $89.99 (55% off)

Right now you can get the LG Tone Platinum headphones for only $89. The LG Tone series of headphones have become fairly common at this point, with plenty of people rocking the neckband style ear buds. Our colleagues at Sound Guys reviewed them a while back and had mainly positive things to say about them, but there was one clear negative: the price.

At $199, they weren’t cheap at launch. But they’re currently on sale for only $89 on eBay, which is $10 cheaper than they’ve ever been on Amazon (and about $40 cheaper than they are currently). If you’ve been eyeing these funky Bluetooth headphones but couldn’t justify the price, this may be your best chance to get them at a discount.

The Tone Platinum takes advantage of an ergonomic neckband that houses the battery and Bluetooth components. You can expect about 10 hours of battery life and playback controls along the side of the headphones so you won’t have to reach for your source device every time you want to pause the music. At $199 it was a hard sell, but it’s even harder not to recommend these for the sale price.

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