Deal: Honor 8 pre-order from Newegg can get you a free $50 gift card, JBL headphones, and case

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Yesterday, Huawei dropped a significant smartphone within its honor sub-brand. The new and US-bound Honor 8 is a premium venture for the brand, sporting a fancy metal and glass construction. It also carries over the Huawei P9’s dual camera technology, that utilizes 12 MP monochrome and color sensors to achieve superior image reproduction. However, if an asking price of $399 isn’t enough to sway you, Newegg thinks it can with some additional goodies.

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The online tech retailer is bundling the pre-order of the Honor 8 (slated for an Aug. 27th release) with not one, not two, but three free extras: a pair of JBL’s Coach Limited Edition Bluetooth headphones, a clear case for the phone, and a $50 Newegg promo gift card. Wowie. The case may not look like anything special, but those wireless JBL headphones are valued at $125. And a $50 gift card is pretty darn generous as well.

The only conditions for the three freebies is that you order the Honor 8 between today and Sept. 3rd. We only see the 32GB version of the phone on the Newegg website, in Pearl White or Midnight Black. We’re unsure if the retailer will add other variants or include them in the deal if they do. The Honor 8 looks like a promising phone and a great premium alternative to big-name flagships that cost a lot more. Do these free extras from Newegg seal the deal for anyone intrigued by the Huawei’s latest?

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You can also find it at the following retailers, though none of them seem to be offering the same level of freebies:


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