Crowdfunding project of the week: the COWAROBOT R1 is a suitcase that follows you


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A couple weeks ago we talked about the Modobag, a suitcase you can ride around. But not everyone needs that kind of thrill, right? Sometimes you just want to worry about your emails when going through an airport. This is when the COWAROBOT R1 suitcase comes into play. This thing can literally follow you around. But it does so in a very smart way we haven’t seen before.


Previous attempts at making robotic luggage bags have been made, but they all seem pretty wonky. The COWAROBOT R1 aims to be a much more refined product. It will try to follow by your side and stay within your line of sight, as well as your hand’s reach. Its powerful motors allow it to travel at up to 4.5 miles per hour, while its battery will last for about 12.5 miles. That’s a long run!

But that is not quite the coolest part. It uses a technology named “CO-EYE”, which includes a set of sonar and cliff detection sensors. This system allows the unit to detect obstacles and drops (such as stairs); the suitcase will then effectively avoid them. Or you could go manual by simply touching the handle, which will make the powered tires go inside the bag.


The COWAROBOT R1 is controlled with two things: the included bracelet and the official smartphone app. The bracelet has a few functions. For starters, it is what the suitcase follows, so you want to make sure you have it at all times. It’s also possible to activate the “find me” function, lock/unlock bag compartments and get notifications. And because the bag comes with an integrated GPS, it can be easily located through the app.

Sounds like a traveler’s dream come true, right? I would still prefer the fun ride the Modobag offers, but the COWAROBOT R1 is definitely a treat, right? It’s surprisingly not too expensive. You can sign up for one for as low as $449 if you back the Indiegogo project right now. Who is getting one?

Check out the COWAROBOT R1 on Indiegogo


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