Could Android run on the iPad?

After a period of time spanning nearly two years including a couple of starts and stops, a team of open source developers has brought Android to the iPhone platform.

That’s right, Android is now running on select iPhone and iPod hardware.

The specific functionality of Android on iPhone is moving forward every few days as shared by the lead developer, known simply as planetbeing, on his blog.

Spending a little time on his blog, we can get a glimpse into this project — one that spans back to the summer of 2008 when the first work began on the “Linux on iPhone” project.

Clearly porting an OS to a piece of hardware with limited documentation and from a manufacturer known for its obsessively secretive nature is a non-trivial effort, laden with pitfalls.

So, let’s suppose that an Android tablet shows up but is lacking. Could an iPad be a viable option?

Odds are good that the iPad is as good or better than any Android tablet now soon to be released.

One of the big obstacles for bringing Android to the latest Apple devices, including the iPad, has been the interface to the latest multi-touch screen controller used by Apple, the Zephyr2. Fortunately for those of us interested in seeing Android run on the iPad — even if just for amusement — this obstacle looks like it is largely in the rear view mirror according to a recent update by planetbeing. Perhaps Android on an iPad could be a reality before too long.

Would you buy an iPad to get the hardware and replace iPhone OS with Android?

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