[Updated] Cheapest Tablet Crown Stolen: $115

Looks like the ER-T001 has officially stolen the “cheap crown” and is now the cheapest tablet shipped to your door. While it looks identical to the iXSOON tablet, and this device too, the specs are certainly lower than both of the other two cheapo options. Running an ARM VIA VT8505 at only 533MHz, and sporting 128MB of DDR2 ram, this won’t win any races, but it will definitely twist your arm into purchasing one. Apparently it comes with Wireless G as well, in addition to an SD card port, meaning you aren’t all the way up the creek without the paddle.

Purchase: Aliexpress ($115)

Update: That VIA VT8505 clocks in at 300mhz – at least according to made-in-china.

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