CES 2010: ICD Vega and Ultra Android Tablets Get Showcased (VIDEO)

Wow. That’s all I really have to say about this – can you imagine a) carrying that thing around and b) trying to use it on your lap? What a giant! IF they can make this light enough, I think it may have a place in the market, but if it weighs a ton, like those 286 suit-case sized laptops from the 80s (the ones with the orange and black screens), count me out.

has hosted tons of tablets, so it seems that this is the year of these devices after all. Now, we’ve stumbled upon a bunch of videos showing the new ICD Ultra and Vega Android tablets in action. Ultra is the LTE tablet made by ICD for Verizon, while Vega is meant to reach T-Mobile UK, as a desktop unit.

Videos after the break.

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