Camangi Releases Software Update for WebStation

If you’ve got one of the small WebStation tablets from Camangi, you may want to head over to the Camangi support site and download the latest update.  The update is still cupcake but it adds some functionality and fixes a few bugs.

They have added a much better picture application that now allows you to set your own timer for picture changes so the WebStation can be used a real picture frame on your desk.

Full changelog after the break.

Release Notes Camangi WebStation WS171 Revision 2

A. System Update Information
Release Date : 2010-06-14
Kernel:2.6.28 ferris@linux-server #SVN-r363

B. New Features
a. Add Android original Launcher.
b. Add HomeWizard apk.
c. Add FunFrame apk.
d. Replace the name of GMail to Google Mail.
e. Add TaskManager and refresh function.
f. 3GWizard support Japanese/ English/ Spanish/ French/ German/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese languages.
g. Add APKInstaller apk
- You can view and remove the System App
- Add the hint without SD Card.
h. Add Note Everything apk.
i. Add Daily Paper apk.
j. Calculator
- Add the C and AC buttom
- Adjust the interface.
k. Weather
- Adjust delete city function
- Integrate Japanese.
l. Task Manager
- Automatic detection and add the system number to about me.
m. Applications sequence adjustment.

C. Fixed Features
a. Replace launcher
● Question description: An error message will pop up when changing the wallpaper.
b. Error charging icon
● Question description: It shows charging icon when connect USB Cable to PC.
c. Wifi will disconnect during sleep-mode
● Question description: Wifi icon still exists after sleep-mode. And it will disappear and disconnect the connection when open a browser.
d. Task Manager
● Question description: When using Task Manager to close Gallery, the Music program will be closed too.
e. wifi connection speed
● It can functionally show the speed of connection.
f. C Market become client version.
g. fring upgrade
● Question description: add-ons can show all applications normally. (including Skype、Google Talk、MSN Live、SIP、ICQ、Twitter、Yahoo、AIM)

D. Delete Features
a. Delete GBook apk

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