Blurry Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 photos leak, are they real?


Ever since the end of CES 2013, there hasn’t been a doubt in our minds that Samsung is preparing something special for MWC. Unfortunately, it’s always been and still is awfully hard to be sure of how many special “somethings” Sammy will be presenting in Barcelona.

The Galaxy Note 8.0 is one of the very few certainties, starring in numerous reports and leaks and even getting FCC’s stamp of approval. But will the 8-incher be shadowed by one, two or three members of the Galaxy Tab family? And how exactly will those look?

We don’t have full answers for any of the two questions yet, but we do have one little tidbit that might help at the unraveling of the mysteries… at some point. Phone Arena has somehow got ahold of a couple of blurry pics starring one of the upcoming Galaxy Tabs.


The photos show off the enigmatic slate boxed, “confirming” the new branding – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. We can even spot the beginning of the model number (GT-P), but unfortunately the subsequent numbers are obscured, so there’s no way to tell if it’s the GT-P3200 (aka Galaxy Tab 3 7.0), the GT-P5200 (Galaxy Tab 3 10.1) or the GT-P8200 (Galaxy Tab 3 Plus).

Based on how it looks though, we can rule out the tab being a 10-incher, so it’s probably either the Tab 3 7.0 or the newly rumored 8.0 whose model number we’re yet to find out. Or it’s neither, being just a lousy fake. Which would make sense seeing as the app icons shown on the box look a bit off. It’s like there’s stock Android there and a couple of third-party apps, and we know that’s not how Samsung usually rolls.

What do you guys think, real or fake? And if real, is the tab a 7 or 8-incher?

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