BlackBerry Users Pine for Android

A recent Crowd Science study indicates that BlackBerry users have wandering eyes and are considering other platforms for their next handset. Roughly 1/3rd of BlackBerry owners would switch to an Android phone, specifically the Nexus One. According to Crowd Science CEO John Martin, this indicates a restlessness with the current brand and allure of other platforms. On the other hand, Android users are very loyal to their handsets. Roughly 90% of those surveyed planned to stay with green robot-powered phones.

The survey also found (PDF) that Android users tend to be younger and less affluent than iPhone and Blackberry users. We’ve heard similar things from other reports as well. We say, hook ’em young anyways. With a 90% loyalty rate, that sounds like life long Android owners. For more on the survey, including additional results and the details on how things were conducted, head to the Crowd Science blog.

I am one of these users. The only reason I’m still with my Blackberry right now is that I’m waiting on a phone that will really meet my expectations – the Motorola Milestone is almost there, and I’ve had the opportunity to play with it several times. Don’t get me wrong, I like my Blackberry, I just don’t love it anymore.

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