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If you do any heavy business work on your phone or tablet, you know that tapping your fingers on a screen can be a bit frustrating and simply is no replacement for a real keyboard. Thankfully for those situations,  high-quality portable bluetooth keyboard is the viable option.

Of course, with many companies creating their own models, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all of the options. Luckily, you won’t have to look much further. We’ve narrowed the search down to the best Bluetooth keyboards for any Android phone or tablet. Better yet, all of these entries are affordable, so you could even end up snagging a mouse while you’re at it.

Anker Ultra Compact Slim Bluetooth Keyboard


Portability is the name of the game. The Anker Ultra’s biggest tagline is that it’s very slim and easy to transport. Being only 2/3 the size of a standard keyboard, you won’t have any problems sliding it into your backpack. On top of the compact frame, the keyboard also boasts a battery that will last you up to six months before having to charge (which only takes about two hours, might I add).

The Anker Ultra also has a matte finish on the keys which means they won’t feel so hard on your fingers. The icing on the cake is that it also ships with an 18-month warranty, and will only set you back a minimal $19.99. Can you really complain at a price like that?

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Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480


The Anker might have good portability, but when it comes to versatility, the Logitech Multi-Device is king. For $29.99 you get a keyboard that works with pretty much anything that has a Bluetooth connection, whether it be a dreaded Mac or your Android phone. What really helps the design on this keyboard is a small dial on the left side. With it, there are three settings which each represent a different device. You just sync a device to each setting, and then turning the dial will allow to switch between them.

Have a tablet and phone? Just flip the dial and change devices. The Multi-Device keyboard also has a cradle where you can sit your phone or tablet at just the right viewing angle for daily tasks like reading and video consumption.

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Lenovo Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint


Lenovo loves their shiny toys and the Compact Keyboard is no different. The keyboard itself is designed just like their ThinkPad Notebooks, so a premium feel and quality won’t be missing here. It comes with NFC pairing functionality to make connecting a breeze with other NFC-enabled devices, and boasts an integrated battery that will last you a full month. The biggest addition to this keyboard is that it is also integrated with TrackPoint so that you won’t need a mouse to go with it.

Naturally, this is the priciest keyboard you’ll see on this list, with a retail value of $79.99, but for that cost you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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LG Rolly Keyboard


The LG Rolly Keyboard is one of those devices where you have to look twice to make sure you’re not just seeing things. Arguably the best in terms of portability, the keyboard itself is separated into four hinged sections that allow it to roll up into a small bar, which also protects your keys while being transported. Couple that with a snappy Bluetooth connection and you’ve got one of the best keyboards on the market for students. On release it was a whopping $119.99, but now you can pick one up at Amazon or BestBuy for a reasonable $59.99.

Buy now at Best Buy lg-rolly-keyboard-2See also: LG announces Rolly Keyboard 2 in South Korea: Bendable and Bluetooth!7

Logitech Keys-To-Go


Competitively priced at $49.99, The Keys-To-Go Keyboard by Logitech takes much of its inspiration from the Surface Touch, but at a much lesser cost. Fabric Skin coats the entire board for added comfort as well as better protection from dirt, scratches, and the inevitable drop. Made with Android users in mind, there are shortcuts on the keyboard itself (such as music, recent apps, and home screen buttons) to allow for quicker and more convenient navigation. The three-month battery life is pretty standard for many of the entries on this list, but with the keyboard you also get a portable stand for your smartphone.

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Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard


When opting for a Microsoft keyboard, you’re almost always guaranteed a good product, and the Universal Foldable keyboard is no exception. Setting you back a modest $55.00, this keyboard works with any Bluetooth device you decide to throw at it. The keyboard also runs Bluetooth 4.0, which means it will connect faster and more accurately than its competition. The most notable feature about the keyboard is that it folds in half. Not only does that make the keyboard easier to transport, but it also serves as a power button. Open it to begin connecting to your device, and close it to power off. On top of the intelligent design is a fabric coating that protects it from outside damage and water spills.

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Perixx Periboard-805L


The only other folding keyboard on this list, the cheap Periboard 805L looks premium and feels like something that costs a lot more. $29.99 will get you a keyboard with a magnetic folding system that doesn’t function as an on/off switch, but instead takes more pride in its design. Sporting brushed aluminum around the body, the Periboard 805L was made for the long haul. Akin to the aforementioned Logitech K840, you can also switch between multiple devices at the push of a button. When connecting your Android device, however, make sure it is at least Android 3.0- anything earlier than that will not be compatible (though I’m not sure you could even get an Android that dated anymore).

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So those are the Android compatible bluetooth keyboards we recommend at Android Authority. Any other great keyboards that we didn’t mention? Let us know about them down in the comments.

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