Barnes & Noble’s Nook Free Fridays now include apps

Barnes & Noble's Nook Free Fridays now include apps, start with a hefty deal

There’s no denying that Barnes & Noble’s Nook business has faced challenges lately. The bookseller may, however, have an extra trick up its sleeve to keep e-reader buyers coming back. Taking a page from the likes of Apple and Amazon, it’s expanding Nook Free Fridays to include apps in addition to books. The gesture effectively doubles the volume of free loot each week as long as you’ve got a tablet like a Nook HD or HD+. Barnes & Noble isn’t modest in kicking off the giveaway, either — the inaugural deal is OfficeSuite Professional 7, which would normally carry a $15 price tag. Although the bargains might not be enough to trigger switches for those well-entrenched in Amazon’s world, they could well stop any wandering eyes among Nook owners.

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