AT&T offers Samsung, LG and Apple BOGO deals with $650 free credit for switchers

AT&T is at it again with more buy-one-get-one-free deals on phones ranging from the Galaxy S7 to the iPhone 7 to the LG G5. It’s the standard deal you’d be familiar with: buy both devices at full price on an AT&T Next or Next Every Year plan and receive monthly bill credits on the second device to the tune of $695. Naturally, you can pay for the cost of each device on monthly instalments.

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4 weeks ago

If you’re willing to switch to AT&T for the deal, you can also pick up $650 worth of bill credits to offset the cost of breaking your existing carrier contract. Of course, if you sign up fresh with AT&T without having to break a prior contract, those bill credits can simply offset your monthly bill.

Do note that you will have to pay the tax due on both devices upfront and it might take two or three monthly cycles to see the monthly credits applied to your bill. At that time you’ll also be credited for any device device payments you may have already made.

You’ve got until December 24 to take advantage of the deal and read through AT&T’s voluminous fine print. There are also a host of other deals, bundles and offers on various AT&T devices, so keep an eye out for them as well.

Will you be picking up a new Android phone this holiday season? What’s the phone to beat?

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