Asus preparing alien invasion and “metallic miracle” for MWC 2013 (video)

Asus MWC

Just when I was putting the finishing touches on my alien-focused MWC 2013 preview, I came across a video teaser of Asus’s presence at the event. And guess what, the clip is also centered on extraterrestrial beings. Talk about great minds thinking alike, eh?

The teaser is as vague as the image used on the press invites sent a couple of weeks ago and just as cryptic as LG’s current hype-building campaign. Then again, this one is much more creative than everything we’ve seen so far teasing MWC, so it really gets our hopes high.

In a nutshell, Asus tells us to “embrace the metallic miracle” that has been brought to Earth by a mysterious shiny spaceship and dropped upon the notorious Sagrada Família church in Barcelona, Spain. Or not as much dropped as born from the merging of the UFO with the house of prayer. Sick image, am I right?

The only other “hint” in the video is thrown in there to baffle us even more – “Ultimate craftsmanship. Today.” The plot thickens if we visit the dedicated MWC 2013 webpage on the Asus site, where we have the embedded clip, the image on the press invites, as well as another cryptic message – “Asus unleashes the next mobile transformation”.

And to think I was jealous of Darcy LaCouvee and Joshua Vergara for being Android Authority’s main correspondents at this year’s MWC. Guys, sorry to inform you, but you might need Sigourney Weaver Will Smith’s help to get out of there in one piece.

Jokes aside, Asus is obviously prepping to intro either some kind of new all-metal Transformer device(s) or a Padfone 3. Or maybe there’ll be something more to the Fonepad than we already know. There are currently five days left to the “alien invasion” according to the official countdown, meaning the show will get on the road Monday, February 25, at around 1 PM, Barcelona time. Who’s excited? And who’s scared?

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