Asus EeePC T91MT

I had the opportunity to play with an Asus EeePC T91MT today, as it rolled through our office. A client of ours, a courier, uses a mobile PC to track shipments and payments, and as of today has replaced it with this new touch screen device.

The only issues I have with the device are the sharpness – or lack thereof – of a resistive touch screen. It makes everything look a little washed out, and takes away from the user experience when using the underlying OS (this is just my opinion, of course). The second issue is the size of the keyboard – It’s only an 8.9″ screen, so obviously the keyboard has to be scaled accordingly, but I just can’t type on it properly, it’s way too small. I had a 7″ EeePC when they first came out, and I had the same issue using it – the keyboard on this touch tablet is probably very similar in size.

The device ships with 1gb of ram, which I consider to be a bare minimum to use Windows 7 comfortably, and a 32gb SSD drive, which will get you there, but doesn’t leave much room for adding media, documents, and software. The built in slot for SD cards offers the same functionality as you would look for in an Android tablet, so to me the lack of hard drive space is really a non-issue. More after the break.

The Atom CPU is a sufficient Z520, running at 1.3ghz, which I’m sure will do what you need it to, but nothing more than that. The GMA 500 onboard graphics chip does support hardware acceleration.

For battery life, you will probably get five hours out of it (as advertised), which means that if you’re using it in an eight hour work day, you’ll need to enable some power saving features, or have a second battery onhand.

Altogether, a very nice device, but if Asus hopes to get into the Android market with something similar, I hope they make a few changes to increase battery life and use a different touch type of touch screen, such as the capacitive one used on the iPad.

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  • I have this T91MT, but I’m thinking of installing Android onto it, any idea how?