Archos Will Showcase Five Android Tablets

Why have one when you can have five seems to be Archos’ approach with the announcement today that it will showcase Android-based “Internet tablets” with screen sizes from 2.8-inches to 10-inches.

However it might only be four new Internet tablets as the company’s Archos 5 is an Android device with a 4.8-inch screen. The company’s Archos 7 Internet tablet has Linux but Archos’ website says Windows 7 is recommended for the product range. Just not enough for the company to actually use it for its Internet tablets it seems.

So for the four actually new products from Archos that The INQUIRER is expecting to see that will run the Android OS we can expect a 2.8-inch device – shurely a smartphone? – and a 10-inch tablet. Beyond those specifics Archos tells us that its products will have “computing, communications and apps.” Well, there’s a shock.

Archos also tells the world that its “legendary video quality will be shown for the first time,” but if it can’t output High Definition will anyone care?

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