Archos 8 Home Tablet hits the FCC

Late yesterday, French tablet manufacturer Archos passed their Archos 8 Home Tablet through the FCC. The Android-powered device features an 8” screen, SD card expandability, 802.11 b/g WiFi, along with core video, music and photo playback capabilities.

As with other Android devices, the Archos 8 also includes a web browser and e-mail client.  You don’t get access to the Android Market with the Archos 8 however – you’ll be stuck with Archos’ AppsLib app store.

The large bezel of the Archos 8 makes the device a bit too large to be used as a portable tablet.  Archos’ inclusion of the Cookineo cooking app suggests that the device is designed to work more as an Internet connected picture frame for the living room or kitchen, rather than as a portable tablet a la the iPad.

Pricing for the Archos 8 will start at $200, with the Summer of 2010 targeted for the device’s launch.

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