Good news for those of you who just have to be able to install applications to the SD card. Google — which said in January that this would be addressed — has officially marked the issue(1151, if you’re counting at home) with a “future release” status and has closed the thread.

And one Googler replied with the following:

Apologies, but I’m not permitted to disclose scheduling information – suffice to say it’s coming soon :) Sorry for being vague, and thank you for your continued patience – I sincerely appreciate it.

Dunno about you guys, but Froyo and Google IO can’t get here soon enough.

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  • When I right click on the start button (win 7) I dont the get the “Manage”, or the other options. Just “properties” and “explorer”. How do I fix this so that it comes up?

  • After you click on the start button, you need to right click on “Computer” on the right hand side of your start menu, and it will come up with “Manage”.

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