Apple ‘captures’ new iPads due to WiFi complaints

Apple 'captures' new iPads due to WiFi complaints

Ah, it’s that old Apple chestnut, reception issues. Apple is investigating complaints from customers over poor WiFi-connectivity on its new iPad. According to a lengthy forum thread, many users are experiencing connection drops and poor performance. An internal AppleCare document has now leaked to 9to5Mac, explaining how Apple is to “capture” and replace 3rd generation tablets that suffer from the intermittent connectivity. The issues appear to affect the WiFi-only model of Apple’s latest hardware, with SIM-connected variants apparently safe due to the black antenna panel. Employees are told to test that iPads aren’t suffering issues due to software kinks and return wonky units to engineers for testing and a full health check. Check out the leaked internal memo (and compare symptoms) over at the source.

Apple ‘captures’ new iPads due to WiFi complaints originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 05 Apr 2012 03:39:00 EST.

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