Another hands-on video of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Will it work as a phone?

For those who simply can’t get enough of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1, here’s another video showing the tablet and its accompanying S-Pen in action. We’re trying hard to decipher what’s being said on the video, oh wait, there is none – except for the loud music at the beginning. So you’ll have to make do with a silent demonstration.

Unfortunately, there’s little information that we can deduct from the video: we know that the S-Pen can be fitted inside the Galaxy Note 10.1 and how Samsung has decided to go with an HD resolution, something that even Acer has recently bested with the Iconia A700.

But hold up, did we just see a working dialer on the video? It appears the bigger Note cousin can be used to make phone calls. If true, this is certainly a new direction for Samsung’s 10-inch+ tablets. If you are perversely attracted to making calls on a big tablet, you can add the Galaxy Note 10.1 as a future option. But please make sure you take the headset route.

With all eyes currently on the Galaxy S3, the Korean is betting big on the Galaxy Note 10.1 to carry the company’s success torch well into the end of the year. The quad-core tablet was briefly listed for pre-order on Amazon – specs, availability and all — before it was taken down. It was immediately followed with Samsung’s statement that the “final details, timing or pricing” of the Galaxy Note 10.1 haven’t been announced. Is another change of specs on the cards? That is a possibility, given Samsung’s knack of adding things at the very last minute.

Folks, here’s another chance to voice what you want to see improved on the old specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Sound off in the comments below.

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