Animation Throwdown: TQFC now available world-wide


Are you a fan of card games and cartoons? Animation Throwdown: TQFC may be your next favorite Google Play Store title. Especially if you are fond of Fox series. This trading card game features characters from renown animated shows like Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, American Dad and King of the Hill.

Animation Throwdown: The Quest For Cards has been available in select markets for some time now, but today it spreads its horizons to other lands. The application is finally available world-wide!

There is plenty of fun to be had here. Aside from collecting cards of your favorite cartoon personalities, you will be able to enjoy 25 chapters and online battling.

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Now, what about the money factor? The app is free, but that doesn’t exactly mean it will be cheap. There are in-app purchases available, and some of them can get pretty pricey. But of course, true fans won’t mind spending a few bucks here and there…. or maybe even some hundreds. In addition, the energy system will ensure you don’t go around playing all day (unless you pay up).

Regardless, the app is ready and you can get it straight from the Google Play Store. Who is signing up?

Download Animation Throwdown: RQFC now

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