Angry Birds 2 receives a substantial content update, with new levels and piggies


The seasons are a-changing, and Rovio’s way of acknowledging falling leaves and the return is the PSL is by throwing Angry Birds 2 a bunch of new content. The forefront of this sizable update is two new chapters, which each bear 40 new levels and 6 boss pigs to sling-shot your way through. The chapters aren’t Fall-themed like one might expect. Rather, they’re a ode to the sunny days leaving us: a hot and humid jungle called Hamazones and the beachy Copacabacon.


You’ll also get a couple new (and pesky) piggy foes along the way. One of them, known is the Beamer Pig, is equipped with a gravity altering beam gun that can frustratingly throw your bird off course. The second new enemy is actually three, on top of each other. Aka, the Pig Tower, a trio of balancing pigs will stop your bird in its place if caught in the wrong angle.


Rovio is also adding onto the daily challenges, and upping the game. A new challenge mode called King Pig Panic will unlock upon completing a daily challenge, comprised of five stages. It’s not for the faint of heart, as you’ll be on a 30 minute time limit to complete them all. There’s no do-overs if you fail, you’ll just have to do better the next day.

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Lastly, if you’re into dressing up your birds with fashionable hats and multiplying your damage points, Rovio threw in three new collections: Back-to-School, Beach, and Pirate. The update is out now, which you can grab in the link below, so get crackin’.

Angry Birds 2 on the Play Store

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